How To Commit To Meaningful New Year Resolutions



Hello Lovely,

Let me begin by saying a massive Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope you’ve had a fabulous time during the holidays. I sure did! well, I gained a few pounds but hey, i’ll live.

This is the time we usually sit and think about all the changes we are going to make this coming year and we have a list of new things to commit to, to help us “change”.

So, just like everybody else I have set my self some goals, my New Year’s resolutions are to loose 30lbs, save more….. around £15,000 to be exact and also to learn 2-3 languages….. OK, i’m kidding!

But there are many of us who try to commit to such changes, I mean how is it achievable to change a habit over night just because it’s now the 1st of January ? No, but we do and that is why my lovelies we usually don’t succeed in achieving some of our goals.

The key here is to pick specific, realistically achievable and measurable goals. By doing this the chances of us sticking to our goals will be successful. For me, I’ve  noticed the reason why I almost never  achieve my goals or New Year resolutions is because I focus more on will power – i’ll be honest  last year after giving birth I decided my New Year Resolution would be to loose the baby weight ( eww I hate it ) and for the first week of January I exercised everyday, went crazy at shops stocking up in gym gear etc and I even went on a strict diet, yea….well, that lasted a week maybe two and here we are today.

I’ve realized it’s because I focused on will power and telling myself  I have to change my habits all of a sudden totally dismissing the behavioral factor related to this.

Setting goals with behavior is a much more sensible and realistic plan encouraging us to build new habits and changes rather than continuously battling with ourselves and creating restrictions and limitations. (restrictions and limitation is what leads me to the kitchen!! tell me I can’t and I will, such a bad habit I have lol.)

So, I’ve decided …..


I’m not going to go crazy although I need to fit into this dress I had my eye on for my brother in laws wedding towards the end of the year. Instead I’m going to change my behaviour towards food, I’m going to cut out sugar from three spoons, to two and keep going until I reach none. Definitely going to start using coconut oil, corn oil and olive oil to cook rather than the vegetable or sunflower one I use ATM. Skimmed milk rather than full fat, brown bread and drink a hell load of water – think i’ll buy one of them gym bottles a nice pretty one to make me feel all healthy when drinking it ha ha.


I’m using my babies guys. Yes I am, I gave birth to them two little monsters so least they can do is be my weights right?, thank God for YouTube, going to set a little amount of time every other day and do it with them, I’ll enjoy it and they definitely will enjoy me using them as weights whilst doing my squats. I’ll start small and increase duration as I go.


Positivity, Positivity is what I need so that’s all I’m going to invite into my space, I’m going to read motivational shxt, and fill my work space at home with bright motivational quotes and I’d like to increase time I spend reading, honestly reading motivational things makes me happy and gives that dose of positivity that I need.


I love it, so going to keep going and see where It takes me I definitely would love to meet some of you and create and maintain great friendships (being a mum you somehow lack friendships ha ha ) so hit me up lets be friends – that’s so lame but i’m serious, come and say Hi down in the comments or you can slide into my DM’s on my social media.

I hope this has helped you realise  you don’t need to pressure yourself, you just need to slowly change and work on your behaviors and I promise you will achieve your goals. what do you think? What advice do you have and what are your New Year Resolution’s, comment below and let me know plus you never know who else you’ll be helping.

Love,  XO




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