Why is it hard to make mum friends?

Why oh why is it so hard to make mum friends? It’s like you pop out a kid or two and your old friends vanish (to hell with you anyway) and there aren’t any new ones to find! I wonder why that is?

I wonder why it’s so harder to make friends I mean it would be so much easier, you would have a similar lifestyle a similar routine and you can create a true life-long friendship as a result of your similarities – even better for your children, they’ll have their own cute little friendships as well.

This thing called motherhood can be bloody lonely sometimes I tell you, it can be so mind numbing its shocking.

One thing I realised around 6 months of giving birth to my eldest son is not that everyone has vanished, yes we have the odd “hey girl” texts here and there but it was never the same again, especially with friends who didn’t have children. I finally put it down to everybody having a hectic lifestyle particularly the mums because lets be real that’s not as easy job, you become so deep into your routine and your completely new lifestyle (not being able wake up when I wanted to was the biggest shock of my life lol) that you find you have no time for even yourself I mean guys I can go a couple of days without actually combing my hair yep, #bunlife that’s me, but seriously I’m simple just so busy!

So, I accepted it and carried on…… thank God for my one bestie who’s been there since day one, we even have our date night Mondays (trust me I need this night out for my sanity otherwise I will just hibernate forever) but still I knew I needed a mummy friend one that’s not family, I needed a mummy friend to share ups and downs of parenthood with, one I can go stop by the coffee shop with, one who was just like me but I just didn’t know how to form these friendships and this is where my hate for Facebook started as its very common for mummy’s to hide behind a screen and call that friendship – it can be but it’s not the same..

Now this is no offence to my friends who live in different cities (I moved to London 5 years ago which is partly the reason why it’s so darn hard) I love you all and you know that.

Then I thought you know what I need to be “out there” do a little more of the awkward “hello’s  and the “mummy small talk’s” like “how old is your baby”  when I can clearly see he’s about a month old but whatever, sometimes you just have to make convo’s and talk about random shxt, I did it everywhere I went obviously trying not to be as annoying as I felt I was being and you know what it works because almost all other mums are in the exact position, believe me you will make their day and you will meet lovely like minded mummy’s  and it’s a nice feeling, friendships are so very important especially  for stay at home mums with younger children.


If this sounds anything like you, I want you to do a few things I want you to be up and out, be positive, be friendly (please don’t be a weirdo) be approachable , don’t have the “ I’m a stressed out mum” face at all times, go out to the park – A LOT I met one mum friend at the park after she asked how old my son was and we realised our boys were born on the same day and we took it from there. Take the kids to playgroups every day it’s on or when you can and look out for any other mummy and toddler groups or events taking place in your area, trust me it will help and do the small talk it goes a long way lol, it did for me I mean I haven’t got a dozen mummy friends but I think I can count on one…or two.

What was your experience did you find it easy making mummy friends, maybe you can share in the comments it can help me and others to!!

Love XO


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