So, if you’ve not come across an article or a blog post or even a tweet slightly taking the P out of mum bloggers than I don’t know where you’ve been. And when I say mum bloggers I mean bloggers within the parenting & lifestyle niche.


Sad thing is this is usually from fellow bloggers – childless bloggers to be exact. To them it’s bizarre and really irrelevant for a mum to be documenting her tips and advice and day to day parenting journey with her readers. Why is that? Is it because they live a different lifestyle so they cannot relate? Is it because it’s not a blog showing you how to earn “£100,000” in a day? Or is it because it’s not a blog showing the best fashionable items to grab at the moment? Or which Anastasia Beverly hill eyebrow gel to go and pick up? – Oh wait Fendy is the new craze now right!

It really does my head in, do you know how many successful parenting & lifestyle bloggers there are out there, who earn a living through their hard work – yes I said hard work, blogging IS hard work! Do you know how many parenting & lifestyle bloggers have gone out to do bigger and better things? Well guess what they got to where they got to because they talk about real things, things that are relatable to their readers, things that are helpful to their readers.

To you it might be weird but believe me as a mum myself throw at me any blog to do with children and parenting and believe me I’ll be reading that shxt! I went to blogging conference just before the new year, and someone said “well when you say a mum blog, all that pops into my mind is netmums” first thought for me was ……..and what?! do you know how many visits a day netmums gets, do you know how many people it helps, do you know people actually grow friendships through the site, do you know how many times your mum wished something like that was around when she had you?! Btw this was a childless person!

My point of this blog is to tell people to stop bashing others, stop going on with yourself nobody wants to hear it. the world wide web is a big place there is room for every single person to create a platform and talk about whatever they like to talk about, so you go off now and write your post about climbing mount Everest (please tag me, that’s actually interesting) and I’m off to write my post about meal planning for a family…. what?!

To all parenting & lifestyle bloggers, well done you! keep doing what you’re doing because I can’t wait to read your posts!!! I love them all, meals, money saving tips, potty training, kitchen organisation tips, keep em coming girl keep em coming. BTW just in case you thought otherwise i actually read blogs about a lot of things not just parenting I just wished everyone would be open to everyone’s way, like be you and let others be!

Am I being extra guys or is this really the attitude towards mum bloggers? What do you think?


Love XO




  1. 11th February 2018 / 1:23 pm

    I have seen the hate and sh*t mummy and lifestyle blogger get and being one myself, i have experienced it! I won’t lie, i personally think it’s jealousy x

    • Itsmamaxo
      12th February 2018 / 12:24 pm

      its horrible isn’t it! but we got this! keep doing you. mummy bloggers rock xx

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