So, I gather now you have this growing interest on how to start a mum blog, you feel you are ready for this journey and you’ve started to do a lot of research however you still feel slightly confused on what first steps to take – I get you honestly  I do, I have been there, reading article after article on how to start a blog, and writing down notes, listening to podcasts arghhhh I spent more time doing that than actually getting on with starting my blog.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place mamma, I got you covered. Here is a simple yet effective step by step guide on how to start a blog.

Note: I am learning on this blogging journey just like you, my aim is to pass on the knowledge I have learnt through starting my own blog as well as learning from mistakes I have made. This guide is specifically for those wanting to create a self hosted blog. (I highly recommend you choose a self hosted btw)

Here we go;

  • Step 1: find your niche
  • Step 2: decide on a blogging platform
  • Step 3: set up a domain name
  • Step 4: choose a web hosting for your blog
  • Step 5: design your blog
  • Step 6 shine bright like a diamond in your new journey as a money making mummy blogger.

I am not going to leave you here, I am going to walk you through each step to make it as easy as possible.  Oh btw did you know this whole process doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes to be up and running. No technical knowledge, no coding nothing.. amazing inst it… yea I know OK excitement over lets carry on.

How to start a mum blog – Step 1:

Find your niche, a niche is your desired expert subject you would like to blog/ talk about . I mean you could blog about random things on every post but if you are serious about making a  success and even making decent money for your family I strongly discourage that. I always advice your chosen niche to be something you love, not like but love. ( I started a beauty blog 3 years ago.. it failed because I like make up, I don’t love it so eventually it became a chore) your niche must be something you love and  are knowledgeable about, something you find yourself constantly talking about.

e.g If you are always talking about how much you love breastfeeding, maybe that is your niche, where you share your skills and expertise with other breastfeeding mamma’s or soon to be mamma’s. Or, if you love cooking you could start a food blog sharing step by step recipes for busy mum’s. The list is endless however it must be something you absolutely love because remember if you are starting this blog with a business mind, you will be in it for the long haul and you don’t want to make the mistake I made of running out of post topics after a few  published posts.

So,  you could be asking yourself well I love more than one thing how do I choose between the two, don’t worry I’ve been there. Simple answer is yes you can BUT  (A BIG BUT) only if the two are interlink-able and bounce of each other. For example my blog Itsmamaxo focuses on parenting and motherhood lifestyle however through my experience and knowledge gained I like to help fellow mamas start their own mum blogs just like me and many others in this lovely community.

Or you could be thinking “OMG” I want to start a blog but I haven’t got a specific topic to talk about. Honey, for now that’s fine to, just get the ball rolling and I promise you will find yourself along the the way  ( btw, this is more common than you think) my advice is just go ahead and start  otherwise you will be here for a while thinking what the hell should I blog about.

How to start a mum blog – Step 2

There are many blogging platform to choose from, Wix, Weebly,  Bloggerand WordPress to name a few. However in this case I am going to recommend WordPress as its one I love and use and by far the most popular and to be honest is the easiest to use as well as knowing that you will always have support with any queries in the support forums.

Remember this post is merely for self hosted site in which case will be what is known as WordPress.org

How to start a mum blog – Step 3:

Your domain name is your brand name or what you would like your business to be called and what your readers/clients can type in to google to find you. It should also be easy to remember and short and to the point example my domain name is Itsmamaxo, I believe its easy to remember, quite short and is a brand-able name in which I can create many products and services. You should also make it relatable or somehow fit in with your chosen niche, e.g. I blog about motherhood and help you lovely mamas start your own blog and came up with Itsmamaxo.

However main things to remember are to make it

  • Easy to remember
  • Make it brandable
  • Short and easy to pronounce

How to start a mum blog – Step 4:

Now you need a host , in simple terms this is basically a place that gives you server space to put your blog and  contents on…. So lets say I have a ton load of boxes and furniture, I need a storage company, I find them and I pay to use their company to store my boxes for me. Sorry, it’s the only example I can think of haha!

A blog host provider will charge a small fee to store your blog  on its server. There are by all means free blog hosting services however they are super limited and why would you want to do that right? Invest in yourself mamma

“The investments we make in ourselves will always deliver the most profitable returns.”
― Sumner Davenport

My most favourite most reliable host provider is Siteground I swear by them and will do always, they are super cheap £3? Yes really that’s how much they cost a month that’s cheaper than a regular meal at McDonald’s actually let me be exact it’s £2.75. Again sorry for the example i’m hungry guys what can I do haha.

Im going to go through the steps with you, you can also click here to get started on your blogging journey. 

There are always different plans to choose from you have a Start Up (which I highly recommend for first time bloggers) a Grow Big and a Go Geek which offers a lot more than the other two, below is what it should  look like (btw have you noticed they currently have 60% off the original price)

You will then need to register your domain or simply enter if you have one already. Registering a new domain a new domain will cost you £10 for a whole year and you will need to renew this every year but don’t worry you can set it on auto renew so you never have to worry about that because if you’re anything like me with a hectic mummy life you’ll defiantly forget.

The last stage of this step is to review and complete your hosting order by entering your details as follows, once you have done this you will be directed to your homepage where you can now freely start building and designing your blogs.

How to start a mum blog – Step 5:

OK. So this is one of the most important and most fun stages of creating  your mama blog. Its time to design your blog and make your blog space feel and look just as you imagined your brand to look like, it should be visually appealing as it only takes a couple of seconds for your potential clients to either stay and browse your content or leave.

You have a target audience and this is your chance to capture their attention, first step in my opinion is to find a theme suited to your niche or brand, I recommend Pipdig and Bluchic as my go to themes, Pipdig is quite clean, sharp, professional and offer feminine themes for us ladies and is super super super super affordable (that wasn’t a type I just like to emphasize that part haha) Bulchic however takes you to a different planet they are so fresh to the eye so feminine and sharp, honestly once you have a look you will be blown away – God I love them!! Both offer extra support you will never be stuck as they are an online chat away ready to help.

Once you have done this you can go ahead and get stuck in, the great thing about using WordPress as a platform is that everything black and white everything is just simplified for us.

Note: you do not have to spend hundreds to make your blog look professional and eye catchy, its all about quality!!!

How to start a mum blog – Step 6:

Congratulations girl! That’s you done, you have it all set and ready to roll. Please leave your blog link in the comments I would love to see what you have been up to . Also don’t forget to go and get your Social Media accounts ready. Good luck and cant wait to see the success you will achieve.

Well my lovely,  I really hope this has helped you and made it a lot clearer for you, I really want to help you to get started on your Journey so please, if you need anything feel free to contact me here I am always ready to help you and will reply within 24 hours. Feel free to share this link if you feel it could benefit other mamma’s out there. Wish you the best in your new mummy blog.

lots of love,



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