Almost every blogger is on some sort of Social Media platform, I mean what are you doing if you’re not. These platforms work differently for all of us I think you’re Niche determines which Social Media platform will work best for you.

Whilst many fashion, food, travel and fitness bloggers ( I’m sure there are much more ) focus mainly on Instagram as it’s mostly usually visual I honestly think they would do so much better focusing on Instagram alone… It’s such a strong platform for that sort of niche so good luck to them.

For me however & from experience Facebook and Instagram haven’t done it for me that much to be honest, I mean I try to be active on Instagram ( I don’t bother with Facebook tbh after their random changes) but I feel as a parent blogger I like to interact with my fellow mamas, my readers and followers, I like to have discussions and conversations about all aspects of parenting, motherhood and lifestyle. It’s all good posting pics and getting like but I like to feed my soul with knowledge and share that with others and twitter allows for that not to mention keeping on top of the news in this crazy world we live in.

It’s easier to reach a larger audience and connect with like minded people, there isn’t any snobbiness about it, there is no indirect photo competitions, I found that it’s just a happy place, there are some poo bags but in general people are lovely over on the small 240 character world of twitter.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Instagram, I use and will continue to do so, but for me Twitter always wins as its engagement king and for me and my brand that is exactly what I need. I wont bombard you with pictures of statistics of either platform because whats the point? that would be to vague as I mentioned earlier it all depends on your content, your brand and your aim of even being on those platforms.

What about you? What works best? Let me know…. you might push me to use Instagram more




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