I mean everyone want’s to become a teacher don’t they? It’s a term time job so fits in perfect with the school holidays ( saving on childcare will be excellent ), working at primary level means it wont be so hard I mean what’s the most your going to teach huh! After all you’re just following a national curriculum book that’s already Pre-planned what you should teach.

Well, for me it wasn’t the case, I wanted to become a teacher before I had children, I was very passionate about it, I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to be in a career that wasn’t focused on making someone rich but that was focused on working with like minded people to educate and positively influence the next generation. Having children only then pushed me to get myself in this career for them and also lets be real the idea of having a term time job for a mum is amazing I can’t deny that.

I then landed myself a place at a primary school that was less than 10 minutes walk from me, I mean how amazing is that! I was so excited and I l loved going in every morning, I was working in a Year 3 classroom and honestly interacting with those children and knowing that they leave you everyday learning something new was the most rewarding thing ever.

You create an amazing bond with the teachers and children – from that aspect teaching is/was amazing.

However the dark side that is usually not mentioned is the amount of admin that goes in to, I mean the pay is self explanatory there is definitely an issue there but the admin, the work you have to take home, ( almost everyday ) the work you have to do over the weekend’s and holidays is out of this world, teachers are incredible for doing all the above and not even get paid enough for it.


Other than the pay, I felt that for me as a mum of young children it is not the right sort of job/career for me.

I realised I’m a mum, I can’t send my kids to school for them to come home with 3 hours till bed time and I’ve got a pile of books to mark before the morning. I don’t want my son’s to be at the table doing there homework whilst I’m on the other side marking and preparing someone else’s son for an exam.

I honestly believe it will take up my very little time I should be spending with my children. Instead I decided I wanted a job that worked better, one that meant when I am home, I am free, I am mum, I am spending every moment with my babies, these moments when they are so young are very precious I really did not want to miss out!

So, now I stay home with my loves and I do freelance writing, I  love it because I love to write, I do it from home, and I spend a lot of time being involved in my children’s life.

I don’t want to put any mum’s off a career as a teacher, I still stand by it, it is one of the most rewarding jobs out there but for me and where I am in life at the moment it was certainly not the write path to take.

What are your thoughts? Are you a teacher? How do you balance it with family life?

love, Itsmamaxo


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