Hi, my name is Brenda Juliet and I’m a 25 year old mother to a beautiful 2 year old daughter Milan. She’s amazing! I am a single mother who has dedicated the last two years to making sure I was raising my daughter correctly. It’s so hard but you learn what works and what doesn’t, what she likes and what she doesn’t like – I wouldn’t change a thing in all honesty.
Last year, I hit so many personal goals which included permanently leaving retail and joining a PR company. I’ve spent years trying to build my career up alongside blogging, however this took a step back when I fell pregnant and had my princess. As I had such a great 2017, it inspired me to get back into my passion of putting together events to celebrate this. Here birthed Girls In Power – A network of women empowering each other to be the best support system to one another. It had a panel of numerous powerful ladies¬†each in their own field,¬†Remel London of Capital Xtra, Frederica Boateng Fashion Educator & Entrepreneur and Ms Banks UK Rapper – just to name a a few, to inspire the audience to chase their dream. It was phenomenal. The feedback was amazing which encouraged me to build the brand. Here now a few months on, the brand is getting bigger and better.
The hardest thing about juggling it all would be for me personally only finding some one I absolutely trust to look after Milan during event night if they were free. What you have to remember is everybody has their own lives to live too. In the lead up to the event, most of the work is done through emails, ie. venue searching, emailing potential guests, looking after social media platforms and all this I can do during my journey to work or between breaks and etc. So the work life balance for me right now is quite manageable seeing as they are small bi-monthly events I run. I am currently doing this on my own with a few friends on hand that support me enough to help out on the night but I am looking to put together a small team to make it much more seamless.
My advice to other mothers who want to start their own business is – just do it! I was so scared about how I’d make it work or how I’d find the balance and the time to do particular things but you always find a way! Trust me. I’m sure you will have a enough people around you who will support the vision you have, especially when you are a driven mother, it means so much more. So definitely get stuck in.
Best of luck!
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