Parents know what we’re talking about! It’s like you have to be a superhero to clean a houseful of kids! You’re lost if you don’t have multitasking skills…
When a lot of things require your attention and you need an extra set of everything to keep up but no enforcement is coming on the horizon, take note of our tips! We’re here to help you achieve a clean home when you have kids to look after too! Seven is a lucky number, isn’t it?! We sure hope it is because that’s how many tricks we’ve prepared for you. Here they are:


You know what’s of key importance?! To keep an organizer! That would be a prudent choice! You want to be aware at all times about WHAT you need to do and WHEN you need to do it! Afterwards you can make all the changes you want but the end goal is to create a routine! Day in, day out, every day without fail, do a small chunk of chores! It’s preferable to do a couple of chores a couple of hours a day instead of a ton of chores in a matter of a day!

Be flexible 

The world is not going to end if you don’t clean that spot too, you know?! Organize your work but be flexible! Things don’t always go smoothly. You might need to make changes in your plan for the day and that’s just fine. Save it for another time. Write it down a sticky note and put it in a visible place to remind you in case you forget.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine 

Whatever you do, don’t let chores to pile up! Those things tend to multiply in zero time! When you see a mess, clean it at once if possible. Otherwise, things will get uglier and uglier! Not to mention that accidents may occur as a result! You failed to clean that spill? Oops and your kid is kissing the ground before you know it. Know what needs your immediate attention and what doesn’t!

Aim, shoot, bull’s eye

We’re talking about priorities! List your chores in a matter of importance! Then take one step at a time to check them off one by one.

Tick-tock, look at the clock

Use any windows of time you can see open! Your kid is still in bed? Put the cleaning gloves and get to work before they wake up! School time is not over? That means you might be able to clean the bathroom too! Extracurricular activities… parents love you! Wait… is that one of the reasons why your kid goes to karate, swimming, chess and two other classes all in one week?! Your secret is safe with us! Use the time while they still don’t realize what you’re doing in your favor! Clean, clean, clean while you can! You don’t have much time, use it to the max!

Divide and conquer 

You know, if you don’t ask for help, nobody will really offer it… We’re talking about chores after all! The mere definition of the word denotes something unpleasant! People in general don’t like it and that’s that! Period. And kids in particular don’t know what it is but their instinct tells them to stay away…
Let’s change their mind! Let’s show them housework isn’t that bad! It could be entertaining even! Challenge accepted! Come up with a way to have fun with your kids while you do justice to your household obligations. Make it a game, set up a timer, compete, give rewards to the winners and so on and so forth… They would love it!
Whoever said you have to toil over it alone? Get help!


What was it called? When you can actually breathe normally because you’re not burdened with tons of worries?! Ah… it’s called being calm! Can you remember that feeling? A lesson to take home – relax! Happy parents are the best parents! Your house is a mess? So what? It’s not the worst thing in the world! Do you know what’s more important? To spend quality time with your family!
Keep that in mind the next time you start fussing about cleaning. Those nerves will only make it harder for you. High levels of stress will rob you of your ability to think straight let alone act in an adequate manner. Then how on earth are you going to finish all your tasks? You won’t! Take it easy and set your priorities right!

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