I was kindly gifted some lovely hijabs/headscarf’s from a lovely company called ” HIDDEN HIJABS ” – I’ll be sure to link them bellow.

I opted for my most go to colours which are a blush pink and a charcoal grey, I love these colours as they suit my complexion but also because they go with absolutely every bit of clothing item I own.

I love the tassels on the grey, I feel it adds a bit of luxury to the hijab but I also love the crinkles on both of them because to be quite frank who even has time to iron haha! I’m going to pair the grey one up with a black jumpsuit and silver accessories to be honest I could even put this on as a neck scarf as the length and width of it are amazing so you could actually wear it and style it a number of ways.


Oh and the blush pink…. well that’s my favourite haha I love the simplicity of it, the material is so soft, but what I love most is again how wide and long it is, meaning I can style it how I want I can use it as wrap, as a hijab even as a neck scarf again, I love it and I think it’s definitely going to be my everyday one…. after I’ve worn it for Eid of course next week 😂 so keep a look out for that on my instagram.

All in all I’m in love with these hijabs, I’m also In love with their prices, do you ever sometimes browse through a brands items and think why is this so expensive…. well you won’t think that with Hidden Pearls, they are super affordable and they also do the most amazing hijab accessories which I’m definitely going to get my hands on.

Il leave the companies details bellow so you can have a look for yourself ❤️


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