Well hello, first of let me thank you for stopping by……. Thank you! I’m Manal yepp bet you’re thinking how the hell do I pronounce that? Don’t worry I’ll try and help a little…. “Ma (take a short breath) naal” OK now say it all together Manal, yep OK I think you’ve got that now haha!! (what have I ever done mum?) So, I’m a mum of 2 blues who are my absolute world, and a wife to Mr N who is my absolute bestie and together we live in good old London, bit meh and full on sometimes but we are happy.

Itsmamaxo was created for all mamas from all ages groups and backgrounds to inspire and motivate and share all things parenting as this motherhood journey isn’t as easy as they make out to be especially in the world that we live in today.

Itsmamaxo aims to be the go-to place for all mamas and does not discriminate, with endless information, support and new strategies to help us all remain sane at what we do… parenting!

Some of the things you will find in this blog are;

  • What Daddy thinks. ( fortnightly series)
  • All the hysterical and random madness in my personal journey
  • Reviews
  • Parenting methods
  • Money saving tips
  • Child mental health
  • Postpartum depression
  • Mum self-care
  • Meal planning
  • Home organisation
  • Sibling love and rivalry
  • Random household tips
  • And so much more as this beautiful journey is endless

Lets get on with it then….

                                                                                                   Love, xoxo